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Mass exposure and viral marketing are the two important things that you will probably look for if you are in some kind of marketing business. In the realms of viral marketing, it hardly matters whether you are an upcoming talent or blogger of the videos. An increase in the subscriber base and maintaining a long-term relation with the subscribers will actually play an instrumental role in long-term YouTube marketing, hence your video marketing can become very easy, effective, and lucrative. I want to discuss a couple free ways to generate "tube-traffic" and then we'll talk about a highly controversial way.

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"How," is the probably the question that you would like to be answered. How can I get massive amounts of views in a short time? In order to increase the YouTube views, you may prefer the Bandwagon or piggy-back effect. This is where you post a video response to a video on the homepage that has amasses truckloads of hits. This little known tactic will rapidly increase your subscribers. What happens when your subscriber base grows fast, you may ask? The people will see the ever-increasing trail of the subscribers (social proof) and will want to subscribe and continue to watch your videos!

Every time you are out there with a video, the number of hits (views) per video will increase dramatically with the increase in the subscriber base. A featured YouTube channel is what you get with an increase in the subscriber base. Consequently, an increase in the number of hits per video gives you a long lasting stand in the market with a chance to make alot of money. There are a couple of well-known companies that provide the service of increasing the YouTube subscriber base, view, or ratings in a short span. Now of course, you will pay a premium for this but they deliver the goods. This can make you serious bank in a relatively short amount of time if done right.

In case there is loads of buzz all around about the YouTube views for your videos, you have an option to increase the ratings of your video and interact in another way. YouTube now features annotations to help market and brand a video. The horizon is at your fingertip. Creating and uploading videos has become a fun with this new feature. When it comes to video marketing and specifically YouTube marketing, the annotation feature is probably the best thing that you were looking for.

Annotation enables you to add a comment on the video and it becomes a good way to increase views and website traffic. This feature of annotation can actually be a web video promoter and the best way to increase YouTube views and the rating in some cases.

With endless features hidden in the womb, annotation promises to be the best tool that you are looking for video marketing and promotions. Well, well, well, it is not the end. In case you have a home business and want to explore the world and come to the lime light, insider YouTube video marketing is something that can be an added advantage.

With the annotation feature, you are very likely to increase the opportunities and increase YouTube views. This web video promoter can be the best thing that you were looking for. As mentioned before a couple websites allow you to buy YouTube views / hits and ratings for your video. This questionable tactic, business plan, and strategy can help boost you income and global exposure very rapidly. As we are already aware, the more hits your video gets, the more honors you receive. This can literally make you famous overnight!

YouTube is probably the best way to get the exposure you are looking for! Viral marketing has definitely found a new dimension to spread its wings. All the features are yet to come to the forefront, though. Make use of them to the fullest and explore the endless possibilities.

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